Tuesday, February 10, 2015

and the first art exhibition of 2015 goes to...


just as tea has been a drink for sages, emperors and all classes of people from ancient times til now, so has the teahouse been a place for all people.

from the solitary hermitage to the social gathering places of the rich and poor, teahouses have acted as a bridge into the cultures of the far east.

they are gateways into philosophy, history and traditions, health, political and social interaction, and all of the arts from the visual to the written and performing arts.  

in essence, teahouses have been bridges between people, connecting hearts and minds.

artist, andrew binkley, offers a glimpse into this world through photographic prints taken from his soon to be released book china teahouse, which features over 500 photographs, spanning 300 pages and covering 21 teahouses in 10 locations throughout China.
join us for the opening of CHA
thursday, february 12 from 6p-8p
live music by ejyptsun

@fishcake in kakaako
307c kamani st
honolulu hi 96813

parking at lanai things


in line with CHA, fishcake hosts north face ambassador and award-winning explorer jeff fuchs for puerh: the traveling tea on sunday, february 15 from 1p - 4p. fuchs was the first westerner to have travelled by foot on the legendary tea horse road over the himalayas and will speak on his experience coupled with tea tasting and demo of puerh sourced from ancient tibetan trees. 

join us for tea demonstration with jeff fuchs
sunday, february 15 from 1p-4p

@fishcake in kakaako 
307c kamani st
honolulu hi 96813

parking at lanai things

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