Tuesday, December 27, 2011

we are collectors of happy

one of the lines that i hear most from many of you are.."i have no more space on my walls for anymore artwork!" i often wonder what you're walls must look like.

working in fishcake makes it hard to live with bare walls. i'm sad when we're in between art shows because we have nothing on the walls for a short time. we have all the basics but the art is the accessories that catapult us into rockstars! so artists! thank you!

here are a few of my favorite images from around the web of art covered walls. psst....it's a hint, buy more artwork!

terribly sorry as i never know where i find these images...many of them have been saved and cluttering up my desktop. wish i could give credit where it's due...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

happy holidays, we love you!

thank you for all your support, hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

what about us..

honolulu, hawaii
just a few fish in a big pond trying to place our mark in the ocean.