Thursday, April 24, 2014

new show in the works! kakaako: water. land. people.

announcing a new art exhibit! and on what more appropriate subject than kakaako itself. 14 artists explore in this provocate exhibition the identity, history, and future of our community. with new work, artists have responded to its water, land and people. the exhibit will take place at two kamani street venues and includes photography, printmaking, installation, painting, and collaborative projects.

these varied works reflect the ongoing changes of honolulu’s kaka‘ako area. from the early days of fishing villages and ponds, salt pans and agriculture to a dense residential community with cemeteries and quarantine stations, to an industrial area (honolulu iron works) to the commercial urban kaka‘ako of today. 

some artists reflect on the past, others look to the future. 

opening reception is saturday may 3 from 6-8 pm 
fishcake, 307c kamani st
herbologie, 318 kamani st
box jelly 307a kamani st - a concurrent exhibition 'hawaii future' is open to viewing next door 

what about us..

honolulu, hawaii
just a few fish in a big pond trying to place our mark in the ocean.