Thursday, March 17, 2011

you light up my art..

one of the best things about working here is meeting so many amazing artists and people. it's such fun to get new things in the without further ado..wendy kim messier dropped off these super fun floor and table lamps today. you might know wendy as the accomplished jewelery designer and now she's branching out into lamps amongst other things..literally branching out by the looks of these living art pieces.

i love this little chicken guy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

delicious pot...

not the kind of pot silly fishies...

one of our favorite artists timothy ojile has been keeping a secret stash of rumrill pottery. he has graciously given us several that he's willing to part with and to be adopted into a good home. i love these little guys. the colors are scrumptious and deliciously yummy with an extra added flavor of kitsch. don't believe me, just see for yourselves in these pictures or just come visit them and get to know them personally. prices range from $60 to $150 a piece.

what about us..

honolulu, hawaii
just a few fish in a big pond trying to place our mark in the ocean.