Thursday, November 14, 2013

psst psst

if you haven't heard, the box jelly neighbors are expanding their co-working space a tad further beyond our shared "door". it's something like a homecoming, after box jelly first opened as a popup in the back of fishcake in 2011.
The Box Jelly will be divided by Fishcake, a home furnishings store and gallery for designers, nestled right in the middle of Box Jelly’s offices. But the relationship between the two companies (Fishcake is owned by Fujihira’s mother Maura Fujihara) will allow for shared access to the space.
“You can freely flow between Fishcake and Box Jelly. It’s like a sister company, and they’re kind of like the yin to our yang. They provide that balance to what we’ve got going on here,” DiCarlo said. 

lots of changes underway!

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