Thursday, October 17, 2013

we dream of flowers... and pigs too

wanna know what's dreamy? a library of flowers,an american small batch perfumery from colorado. known for her modern, luxurious, and romantic takes on innovative formulas and packaging, margot elena has created several lines (lollia, love and toast, tokyo milk) in addition to library of flowers, all with superb design. fishcake (one of a very few retailers!) carries artful and whimsical scents in three fragrances from ch.2 nectar + pollen: willow + water, true vanilla, and forget me not - which come in a handcreme, parfum crema, bubble or shower gel, and eau de parfum. 


maybe more of a dreamer than dreamy, are our friends at the pig + the lady. a pop-up eatery specializing in vietnamese street-style food, the pig + the lady gained a large following from selling at farmers markets and popping-up at spaces like taste and honolulu night market. headed by chef and owner andrew le, the pig + the lady crew have so much heart for good food and good people. today, they are building a home - to be open five days a week for lunch/dinner -with 3,000 ft of beautiful square footage, within a historical building, and set in red-brick so familiar to chinatown/downtown, the means to make this dream a reality could use your help! 

putting a modern twist on the traditional all while utilizing local, fishcake is grateful to work so closely with the pig + lady on their new and exciting endeavor! see you at the opening but first check here for their indie gogo campaign! 

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