Thursday, October 11, 2012

a farmer, a chef, and a fishcake?

3 @ the table, the second event held in the white box @ fishcake

this event is dedicated to the the vibrant food community that has already taken deep roots in Hawaii. 'the table' is the metaphoric meeting place for island hospitality and sustainability. 3 @ the table is for chefs and farmers of the farm-to-table movement to extend the conversation by inviting potters and ceramicists to the table

3 @ the table

for more information or to purchase tickets, click here, they are going fast so get yours seats reserved!

the white box @fishcake is an open space for your open imagination.  it is available for events, lectures, classes, presentations, photo shoots, whatever your heart and imagination come up with.  it's a blank canvas.  call us for more info or to request an application.

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