Thursday, July 8, 2010

an inspirational chalk

last night i got my july catalog for anthropologie, i'm a huge huge fan..i wish we had one here, along with it's sister store urban outfitters. the dresses, jewelry, home stuff is all so whimsical. and everyone knows that the best sales are only in the store. their store and window displays are always something to marvel over..there have been many a cool one come and go, i could say that i draw a lot of inspiration from them. i've heard that every store is different because they let their associates go carte blanche but that could just be a rumor.

last year while working on one of our ads, i wanted to play around with this idea of working with chalkboard and drawn in accessories. unfortunately, time and budget were against me so i never got to see my vision come to life..and anthropologie beat me to it. great job!! i love this.

now does someone want to volunteer to build me a chalkboard set?

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