Tuesday, June 1, 2010

success is in the bag.

dear fishers....

thank you so much for coming out to support tcm. the mystery bags sold out in 45 minutes!!!! we didn't anticipate such a frenetic response and are beyond amazed as well as thankful that so many of you helped us create a fabulous party. it was a success working with tcm, ka, swam, and modern luxury, it's always great to work with such a fantastic team of people, we can't wait for the next event.

i was a little disappointed that i wasn't able to get a bag.....these were some of the cool pieces that i was coveting and some lucky people scored for only $50 bucks. trust me..they are drool worthy.

this untitled piece by jason teraoka...

this tae kitakata, "if i have to explain you'll never understand", you gotta love that!
and this drawing by russell sunabe

currently one of our favorite artists..melissa rivera torres moir.

we are still looking for interesting pieces for consignment. and we also have some really fun stuff coming for inventory...the details are a little on the down low right now...hang in there for the big reveal.

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