Saturday, September 12, 2009


hello lovelies.

welcome to our fishcake journal. we're sooo excited to have our new website up and running. thanks to the design duo jenn koon & cameron olson. they did a fantastic job of interpreting who we are. we think it's a wonderful extension of the showroom and a peek at what we have to offer. we love them. of course it's a work in progress and just a smattering of what and who we are, there's so much more to come. please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts you might have. we love to hear that "we're one of the most fabulous showrooms in honolulu" but we value constructive thoughts as well. so...blowing bubbles and kisses your way..enjoy!


  1. Finally! Took a look see just now and look forward to seeing more.

    - t.

  2. love love love!!! the website looks awesome. sach's pictures are AMAZING!!!!


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